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5D Longstem Premade Fans

5D Longstem Premade Fans

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Our 5D Longstem Premade Fans:Deliver unparalleled ease and stunning results. Designed with both beauty professionals and clients in mind.

Key Features:

1. Easy Removal, Unwavering Integrity: Each fan is expertly crafted to ensure they remain intact, even during removal from the strip. Say goodbye to frustrating fallout and hello to hassle-free application.

2. Weightless Heat Bonding: Experience the comfort of lightweight lash extensions that are heat bonded for durability without unnecessary weight. Enjoy fuller lashes without sacrificing comfort.

3. Thin & Pointy Base for Superior Retention: Our fans are uniquely designed with a thin and pointy base, allowing for maximum retention and seamless blending with natural lashes. 

4. Artful Fanning, Effortlessly Applied: Indulge in the beauty of hand-made volume fans without the labor. Our premade fans are exquisitely fanned, mimicking the artistry of handmade extensions.

5. Adhesive Freedom with Foil-Backed Strips: Experience ultimate flexibility with our foil-backed strips. Attach and reattach fans anywhere without the mess. Enjoy precision without compromise.

6. Compassionate Beauty: We're proud to offer 100% cruelty-free eyelash extensions, created from the highest quality materials. Achieve your lash goals with a product that's as ethically sound as it is visually stunning.

Elevate your lash extension experience with 5D Longstem Premade Fans that redefine convenience and luxury. Our fans promise exceptional results that speak for themselves. 

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