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Butterfly Bonder

Butterfly Bonder

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Ready to take your lash retention up a notch?

Our Butterfly Bonder is for you - improve lash retention by 30% with our exclusive product! Instead of waiting for the standard 24 hours for lash adhesive to fully cure, the Butterfly Bonder cures any lash adhesive from the inside out in just 3 minutes!

Our specially formulated bonder traps and seals the adhesive fumes, significantly reducing irritation and sensitivity. 


How To Use:

– Wait 3 minutes after completing a set, allowing glue to dry

– Apply 1 drop Butterfly Bonder onto a microfibre brush

– Wipe over the base of the lashes where the adhesive sits

– Allow to dry for 3 minutes before client opens their eyes



• Increases lash retention up to 30%

• Clients can wet their lashes 5 minutes after application!

• Our 15ml bottle will service up to 200 clients

 There's no need for nano-misting

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