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Foaming Lash Cleanser

Foaming Lash Cleanser

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Cleansing the lashes is the first step to cleaner lashes and longer retention. This 60ml oil free foaming cleanser has been designed to remove makeup, dirt, dust and oil build ups on and around the lashes, allowing for an easier application and to help maximise retention! These are perfect for your own personal salon use, or to re-sell to your clients!



• Instructions & How To Use

• Comes with white box

• Pink & gold cleansing bottle

• Removes dirt, debris and oils

• Removes makeup

• Gentle foaming technology

• Pumps out the perfect amount of product


Easy to use HOW TO USE

• Wet lashes with cold water

• Pump small amount of cleanser into the bottle cap or directly onto the lash line

• Use lash cleansing brush and work into a foamy consistency

• Lather onto the lash line with gentle circular, side to side motions

• Rinse off with cold water

• Dry off with our Mini Fan and/or pat dry with towel

• Use lash wand to brush lashes back into place


We offer wholesale too! Please contact if you would like to place a bulk order.

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